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We Live in a heat weather and get pleasure from all the positive aspects that are connected with that but are we caring for our surroundings?

The national meteorological institute has stated Spain has experienced forty percent considerably less rain than typical in the meteorological yr which started Oct one.

With current press on the drought Spain is facing, especially in Barcelona the place Deputy Key Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega informed a information meeting.

Real Estate Investing “If we do absolutely nothing and it does not rain, five million residents of the Barcelona area will have no more water to drink in Oct” The present dam capability in Barcelona is 18.twenty five% up from sixteen.24% two months back but nonetheless no in which around adequate to offer the province.

The figures for the dam ability is undoubtedly encouraging especially right after the rainfall we have encountered in the previous 2 weeks. In complete the dams in Spain are capable of holding fifty four,305hm³, we are at the moment showing ranges of 28,639 hm³ Our present dam capability is fifty two.75%, final 7 days, 15th April 2008 it was fifty.11% and the preceding 7 days eighth April 2008 it was at forty seven.fifty eight%

The worst influenced province is Almeria with only five.19% dam ability, there has been no fluctuation in the previous 2 months indicating equal rainfall to water utilization

Valladolid is at a hundred% dam potential

The very best enhance in the earlier two months was in Caceras, beforehand at 58.eighty% then have risen virtually ten% to sixty eight.fifty one%

Yet again we have to request about approaches of water conservation, I lately heard of a woman that brings a bucket in the shower to catch the cold drinking water until finally the water runs hot, this is then utilised for flushing toilets.

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